VEDK JSC is a company that manages gold mining assets located in the Oymyakon ulus (district) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

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Corporate structure

LLC GRK ‘Dvoinoi-Duk’

Gold mining company

LLC ‘Politorg’

Gold mining company

About us

JSC ‘East-European Mining Company’ (JSC ‘VEDK’) was established to develop highly efficient gold mining projects on the territory of the Republic of Sakha. The company aspires to become a lucrative gold mining enterprise, paying close attention to occupational safety and environment protection as well as social responsibility regarding employees and local population.

The company comprises highly-qualified professionals specialized in management and operational activity, with rich working experience in Russia and worldwide. The company currently owns an operating ore mine, two projects on the initial development stage and three geological exploration blocks.

Gold production started at the ore mining and processing plant built in 2019. In 2020 it is planned to double gold production volume at the operating ore mine as compared to the prior year and develop perspective areas for gold, putting these facilities into operation in 2024 respectively.

‘VEDK’ Assets

Ore Mining and Processing Plant

LLC GRK ‘Dvoinoi-Duk’ 150

150,000 tons
Production capacity

Ore Mining and Processing Plant includes:

  • Crushingand grading plant. Production capacity: 150,000 tons.
  • Crushed orewarehouse. Production capacity: 150,000 tons.
  • Fire AssayLaboratory
  • ‘Zolotinka’field analysis express laboratory.
  • Tailingsdump dam, useful capacity: 248,500 m³. Total capacity: 269,200 m³.

Oymyakon ulus

Новый Хангалас

1 – Кольцевое
2 – Клич
3 – Новый Хангалас
4 – Хангалас
5 – Ожидание
6 – ГОФ


‘VEDK’ group of companies comprises plants that conduct geological exploration and actual mining at gold ore deposits on the territory of Oymyakon ulus, an administrative district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Ore mines, licensed areas and the Ore Mining and Processing Plant are located in close proximity to the transport infrastructure, Federal Road R504 ‘Kolyma’ Highway.


Dear partners!

JSC ‘VEDK’ isone of the leading ore gold mining companies. We highly appreciate mutuallybeneficial collaboration with our valued partners and are always ready toexplore new opportunities.

Our groupof companies sets ambitious goals. Project implementation is aimed at increasingeconomic efficiency of procurement system: transparency, centralization,consolidation, competition expansion, reaching optimal price-quality ratio aswell as ensuring reliable and ethical relations with our partners.

Within the procurementdepartment, one of our key tasks is to attract new reliable counteragents. On thiswebsite you will find information on up to date acquisitions for the needs ofour companies as well as on participation conditions.

For any enquiries,kindly contact us via e-mail or call us directly:

We are looking forward to our future collaboration!


Mechanical loader

SHACMAN F3000 (6х6)

Mechanical loaders are characterized by significant cargo lifting capacity. They can transport up to 25 tons, maintaining the same maneuverability and speed. Establishing solid reputation for reliability and enhanced performance, they are suitable for performing tasks of different levels of complexity under diverse climatic conditions across Russia.

Front-end loader


Front-end loader is intended for working in extreme conditions, easily coping with loading and transportation of bulk and piece materials as well as ground leveling. The model is provided with an efficient diesel engine, innovative transmission enabling minimal fuel expenses and exploitation expenses, decreasing tire and brake ware while maintaining high cargo turnover level.

Shift bus

Урал 32551-5013-71 NEXT (6х6)

Specialized passenger shift bus ‘Ural’ NEXT with 6x6 axle configuration and EURO-5 emission standard engine is intended for promptly delivering work teams of up to 20 people (repairing, construction, exploration) to the production site.



The vehicle is used for various purposes intended for block maintenance, transporting bulk materials. Depending on the proposed works, bulldozer attachment can manage waste or soil transportation, shrub cutting and grubbing, swamp development and amelioration. Light and compact, this bulldozer boasts high maneuverability and speed.

Subterranean face-drilling rig


Face-drilling rig is intended for mining and tunneling. Provided with a perforator, it has an optimal coverage area and demonstrates efficient performance.


Rykov Roman Alexandrovich

General Director

2009-graduated from the Mining and Metallurgical Department of East Kazakhstan State Technical University with a degree in Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits;
2017-received a master's degree in technical sciences in the specialties: "Mining" and "Mineral processing" of Kazakh National Research Technical University named after Satpayev;
From 2018 up to the present-MBA training in "Production Management" of Marconi University

He has over 12 years of experience in the mining industry, among them 7 years in leadership positions:
• 2006-began his practical activity from the position of “Geologist” at GEOS LLC (design and outsourcing of mining and exploration works). Transferred to the position of Director of the Branch in 2008;
• 2010- General Director of Vostokgeoproekt LLC;
• 2011-2013 - Deputy Director General for Production of the mining company GRK Vostok;
• 2013-2015 - Project Manager for Launching an Iron Ore Deposit, Karazhyra LTD LLC , Head of the Mining Department of MC;
• 2015-2016 - Deputy Chief Geologist of MPP Belaya Gora Highland Gold mining JSC;
• 2016-2019 -  Chief engineer of the mining company Pavlik JSC;
• 2019 - Individual entrepreneur, consultant on the assessment and development of the mining business of large gold mining enterprises, adviser on the development and evaluation of mining assets of the company Geokonsaltinvest LLC.
• 2020 - General Director of JSC East European Mining Company

Konukhov Nikolai Mikhailovich


He has two professional higher educations: 1991- graduated with honors from the Higher Border Military-Political School of the USSR’s KGB ; 2008-graduated from the Moscow New Law Institute with a degree in «Jurisprudence».
1987-2007-served at the Border Troops and the Federal Security Service of Russia; 2007- 2018- held management positions, rising from the Head of the Security Service to the General Director of the enterprise.
He underwent professional retraining at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys State Technological University ("MISiS"), which gives the right to conduct professional activities in the field of underground mining of mineral deposits.

Buchnev Alexander Alexandrovich

Managing Director

Graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 2004. Obtained АССА Diploma (Taxation in the Russian Federation) in 2015. Obtained CIMA Diploma in Performance Management in 2017. In 2003 – 2013 worked for ‘EY’ and ‘Grant Thornton’ consulting companies. Worked at ‘Auriant Mining AB’ gold mining company till December 2018, holding the position of Financial Director since 2016.

Burlakova Tatiana Anatolyevna

Deputy CEO for Economy and Finance

Graduated from the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law in 1997, specialized in Economy and Finance. In 2001 – 2017 worked in the fuel and energy sector for the companies aimed at crude oil extraction, refining, and sale of oil and petroleum products as well as for energy sales companies at the positions from Chief Accountant to Deputy CEO for Economy and Finance. Employed at AO ‘VEDK’ since August 2017.

Smolinov Yuri Ivanovich

Chief Geologist

Graduated from the Southern Federal University in 1984. Specialized in Geological surveying, geological exploration and mineral deposits exploitation. Professional qualification: engineering geologist. Immediately started his career path as a geologist following his graduation. Since 1993, Yuri has held key executive management positions in geological exploration industry. Worked at leading production sites (OAO ‘Byryatzoloto’, LLC ‘Huzhir Enterprise’, JSC GRK ‘Zapadnaya’) aimed at geological exploration and mineral deposits exploitation as well as underground mining.


We appreciate your professional knowledge and truly believe that our economic growth can be closely connected with your career development.

  • Bulldozer, mechanical loader, excavator drivers
  • Underground drift miner
  • Underground miner
  • Blaster
If you are interested in working for JSC ‘VEDK’, kindly forward your CV to our e-mail or call us directly:

LLC ‘VEDK’ is a leading ore gold mining company with head office located in Moscow. Our company is aimed at achieving high socio-economic indicators thanks to qualified professionals employed at our company.